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IT That Works For You

Started in 1999, The Millennium Group Computing is a proud veteran-owned business that is a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Denver Metro. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

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Our mission at The Millennium Group is to create and maintain efficient and cost effective IT infrastructures that equip you with the tools you need to grow and develop your business. We aim to simplify technology, allowing you to wave farewell to your computing headaches and instead focus on the very reasons you set up in business in the first place - to focus on what you do best.

We Have a Set of Values That We Follow Through On

Our workforce is regimented in how we deliver our services, and we are dedicated to following through on the guarantees that we make. Our team is not interested in selling you on goods and services that you won’t use or don’t need. We work within your budget and focus on how we can improve your workplace with the available technology. Our service agreements provide month-to-month services because experience has taught us that many clients prefer not to be locked into long-term contracts. Earning our keep month to month also ensures we are honest in our efforts to build trust and faith with our clients.

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We Understand What Is Essential in IT Services

Our background and experience in the industry have taught us what is essential in IT services and what others often overlook. Many service providers might promise secure data backups, but The Millennium Group understands the value of rapid recovery time and the costs that downtime can have.

Some companies adopt cloud services because they’ve been told about its advantages, but the truth is that the cloud is not right for everyone. It depends on your unique situation, your internet connectivity, and the functions of your workplace.

This is the kind of thinking that goes into every service we offer. It is not just about what is the most cutting-edge technology out there. It is about what sort of technology is best for your business. The Millennium Group delivers solutions that are tailored to the needs of every client.

We Build Trust and Restore Faith in IT Services

Something we run into over and over again is new clients who are dissatisfied with the performance of their former service providers. In many cases, promises were made and contracts were signed, but there was no follow through on those promises.

We’ve taken this opportunity to learn from the failings of our competition and build better services for our clients. We offer month-to-month service agreements because we do not want clients to feel like they are trapped in long-term contracts. The nature of month-to-month service also keeps us honest and ensures we earn our keep with every service and product.

At The Millennium Group, we strive to earn long-term partnerships, but we also want to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services. We make a commitment to every company we work with to offer IT that is well suited to their operations and optimized for their future goals.

We Want You Focus on Your Work and
Let Us Handle Your IT

We have broken away from the ranks of IT service providers that offer break-fix services and charge for every visit. Instead, we point our focus toward enhancing and maintaining your productivity across the board, from the technology you use to the daily operations of your workplace. We want to earn your trust because it allows us to do our best work. Our greatest value comes from the services we provide without distracting from your work or disrupting your productivity.

At the end of the day, we want you to see us as your own IT team and rely on us the way you would a trusted partner. When it comes to new technology, you tell us what you need and your budget for the hardware; then you can leave it to us to build recommendations from there. You just want tech that works well and supports your end goals. Trust The Millennium Group to find straightforward solutions and deliver services that are shaped by your needs and find tools that fit into your budget.

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