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Data & Cloud Management in Colorado

Cloud data management is the process of managing all data that an enterprise has stored, whether in the cloud—or multiple clouds—or on-premises using a cloud-based solution. An effective cloud-based data management solution can have the same capabilities as a modern on-prem data management solution such as data backup, disaster recovery, archiving, file and object services, and analytics. Some data management in cloud vendors even offer protection against ransomware.

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Cloud data management with TMGC's tech team empowers you and your organization to focus on managing data not infrastructure. There are multiple ways this can be achieved in your business. Depending on your business set up, you can opt to subscribe to discrete data management offerings addressing a wide range of use cases from one or more providers, or run cloud data management software on public or hybrid cloud.

Data & Cloud Management Benefits with TMGC

  • Agility – Because TMGC manages and automates many aspects of managing your data—such as data encryption and backups—you can focus your attention on more important, strategic matters. 

  • Scalability – The cloud lets you scale data management services up or down as needed, with virtually no limits.

  • Cost savings – By moving to on-demand cloud resources, your capital costs evaporate. Your operational costs also go down as you no longer need personnel, energy, and space to support an on site system. 

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Business Data Management 

  • Simplified data management in a single, modern platform lowers operating and capital costs.

  • Teams can scale services for data management up or down to meet business demands.

  • Built-in security such as ransomware recovery helps ensure data in the cloud remains protected.

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