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We Have A New Look

Updated: Apr 19

We have some Great news! We are happy to announce the launch of our new look. The Millennium Group Computing has decided to advance their appearance to something that is more fitting. This includes the company name, company logo, a defined typography, color scheme, and a new website that offers easily accessed resources, information about us and our services,  all as part of our continuing brand advancement.

Our company has been growing and evolving throughout the years, and we realized it was time for a refresh. We modified our logo to portray our identity today and to portray our future. The Millennium Group Computing is now TMGC.

We selected a brand-new logo after deep evaluation that represents a more modern look and encapsulates our objective to be the solution and key to the digital world, as well as representing the secure and knowledgeable company that we are. 

To maintain consistency with our original logo, as well as boost the brand forward, we needed to create a new identity that really screamed TMGC and what we do.

The main objective was to keep the logo identifiable and memorable. In order to achieve this result, we carefully reworked the existing logo, taking into account its basic shapes, angles, and colors. 

We're always working to make sure we're providing our people with the most knowledge, tools, and resources to have the most digital applications, security, and well- the best of everything. The variety of services we have are based on the diversity of our clients’ needs, and they can only be created by a team that comes together to produce high-quality solutions. Our company is a veteran owned company, as well as employs other veterans in Denver, CO who possess special skills in the data protection, and network security department. 

Here are some of the aspects that our logo hopes to illustrate

Navy Blue to Sky Blue - Blue The color of Trustworthiness and Tranquility, and dependability. A diverse network brings a wide range of problems , issues, updates, and more. We are here to calm and relieve the pain points your Colorado business may be having. 

More Full World - No longer can we confuse our world logo with the AT&T branded world shape. This world reflects a diverse range of IT solutions/concerns, as well as all of the different people involved. 

Simplification of TMGC - The name dates back to the 80’s, and since it has taken on a multitude of its own issues and complications. TMGC is our domain. TMGC is EASY. TMGC is the one-stop for all your IT solutions in Colorado.

The Full  Name of the Company Its still there. We are still The Millennium Group Computing. Our Full Name Encapsulates the “more full” world. So in case any one ever forgets, it’s always there, surrounding you. 

In the coming months, we will be updating all of our collateral, business cards, and so on with the new logo. We understand that modifying our logo is a practice that can entail many steps & require some time, so we will do so gradually. So when you see our new website- Yes- That is still us, we just look a little different. Better if we do say so ourselves. When you see our new logo, Yes we are the ever evolving great people that make up this company. We just have an easier name to spell. 

We appreciate your consideration and the time you took to read this update! We are really exited to share some of the new website features with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions. 

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