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New Me: TMGC

Updated: Apr 19

Allow us to be the first to welcome you to the new face of TMGC. We are still the same great tech company in Denver, we just look different.

To read more about our new logo update read this article.

Our logo wasn't the only thing to get added improvements. We also brought more technology to our website resources and made them available to you for education, and to aid further in the battle for your online and network security. We aim to Empower you and your team.

What's New on the website:

Is it Phishing?

First and foremost our brand new Is It Phishing Discovery Tool is going to be key in helping anyone identify if something that has come across their email or social platforms is actually phishing. If you need help you can call us, or simply go to the online tool to figure out if you are currently the victim of a phishing scam.

Extended Business Services

Added Sections of information for Services. We took a deeper dive into our plethora of Technology services we offer our Denver (and neighboring cities) in Colorado businesses both big and small.

Support Tickets

Now there are multiple ways to connect with your IT and Network Services Support Team.

The First Way is to call us.

The Second Way is to email us.

The Third Way is to visit any of our website pages and at the top you will see a grey button that says "support". When you click it you will instantly be given access to the support line, and your inquiry will be handled promptly.

This is just the beginning. Our website is going to continue to grow and evolve throughout this year and the many that follow it. Stay tuned for even more information, education, and IT related news.

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