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Business Security Checklist

How secure are you and your team?

Here at TMGC we specialize in the creation of security protocol to keep your business secured. While we understand we may not work with you...YET... we still find it valuable to share some business Security Tips and check points to make sure you are set up for success.

Let's start off with the obvious. Your business is digitally connected—to employees, vendors and customers.

If you handle any employees compensation, accounts payable/receivable consider your system and file storage liable for a phishing attack.

Your systems store sensitive information for payments and bank accounts as well as your/employee personal information. No business is too small to be a target for online crime—

the fact is, small businesses are much more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals than larger companies.

The's way more likely a small business team is not trained in the matter of security protocols or protections for sensitive data. Larger companies tend to have a robust in-houses security team to back them up and quickly isolate any and all security breeches.

When you're a small business and one of your contractors/staff or even yourself as the owner have clicked on something potentially risky you are subjecting your company to the data breech.

Different types of Data breeches can affect you differently.

It can be a breech of information in regards to your customers information. It can a breech into your own internal systems where your programs/files/history of the company can be removed and held for ransom.

Four Easy Ways to Protect Your Business

Online criminals are always looking for easy targets. Businesses that don’t take basic precautions are at risk. Take the following four steps to make it harder for malicious actors to access your data or trick an employee into allowing access to your systems.

Teach Employees

Strong Passwords

Require 2-FA

Update Software

Harmful links or attachments could provide unauthorized access to information or infect your network with malicious code. This can result in data being held for ransom.

This is one of the easiest ways to protect your business from criminals who might otherwise access your accounts by guessing or using automating hacking programs such as site scanners & more.

Using more than a password to access an account—such as a texted code, authenticator app, fingerprint or access card—makes an account safer than a password alone!

Flaws give criminals an opening. Programmers publish patches, but you must install them to get their protection. Smaller businesses are often running outdated software because they don’t have full-time IT staff keeping up with all the updates.

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